Wok Wiz offers the following private group tours.

1: Adventures for School Groups

Kids take to Chinatown like chopsticks to dumplings!

Wok Wiz welcomes dozens of school groups every year. Learn about the first Chinese to come to San Francisco and the “ornate” architecture of Chinatown. Hear how the early 20th century Chinese used their own telephone exchange to communicate with one another and about our "lucky" colors and numbers. Walk along side streets and alley ways while peeking into businesses of today that will remind you of what life was like in the old days. Learn to speak and eat in Cantonese. Time-permitting, we also demonstrate Chinese calligraphy. End your tour with a child-approved dim sum lunch.

2: VIP Corporate Programs

Let Wok Wiz coordinate a private experience for your group. We can be flexible on starting time and duration based on your needs. Come share a part of your day with us!

3: Chow Ciao! Multicultural Stroll


What do China and Italy have in common, besides Marco Polo and noodles? Great love of family and too much fun. Begin briefly in San Francisco's Chinatown, then walk through "Barbary Coast", today's Financial District, and ending up in North Beach. Hear stories about the history, folklore, anecdotes, multi-cultures of these three changing neighborhoods. Find out why Chinese & Italians frequently settled adjacent to each other, e.g., Boston, New York City, Chicago, Vancouver B.C., Manchester, England, etc.   Pause by Italian delicatessen, bakery, churches & shops. 

Combine your love for Italian, Chinese & fusion / eclectic cuisines while you:

See changing neighborhoods with ethnic foods in diverse, pluralistic, colorful communities. After strolling around stay for a dining adventure of fusion, eclectic meal in "Little Italy", "Barbary Coast", or walk back to Chinatown for dim sum.

  • Stroll briefly through Chinatown & be in its "living room"
  • Discover historic "Barbary Coast" waterfront of 1800s, today's S.F. "Wall Street"
  • See Old World Italian delicatessen, famous bakery
  • Go by Washington Square Park and churches

This walking tour concludes before lunch and the Tour Leader can recommend / share dining experiences in the areas.

Experience three completely different neighborhoods on one exciting and fun tour...

Visitors who come to Chinatown will find wonderful dim sum teahouses, small cafes, restaurants frequented by locals, and observe spiffily-dressed families headed to celebratory Chinese banquets.

Barbary Coast was the waterfront of the Mexican town, Yerba Buena, which exploded in 1850s Gold Rush years. There were people from every major country of the world, which began cosmopolitan San Francisco of today. 
North Beach's sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and shops evoke a feeling of old Italy. However, currently Is a neighborhood with majority of Asians, fusion of folks and foods.

  • $45.00 per person for walk only — includes Chinatown, Barbary Coast AND North Beach
  • Minimum number of participants: 6
  • Hosted lunch or dinners available for groups, price depends on choice of restaurant

4: More...

The Wok Wiz Daily Tour and the I Can't Believe I Ate My Way Through Chinatown Tour can also be customized for private, school and corporate groups. To enquire, please email Wok Wiz or call 650-355-9657.

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April 2010

"When it comes to knowing all about San Francisco's Chinatown, the expert is Shirley Fong-Torres. Having grown up there, Shirley infuses her Wok Wiz tours with her vast knowledge of Chinatown's history, the local businesses, the people, and the cuisine. She has a wonderfully engaging personality which our travelers absolutely love. Over the years, Shirley has also achieved worldwide recognition as a Chef and book author as well. She is -- in a word -- the BEST!!"

Service Category: Destination Expert Guide
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert



chevronNovember 21, 2008

Dear Shirley:

On behalf of the Chevron Executive Events team, our sincere thank you for your part in the success of this year’s Chevron Management Committee Spouses program.

We really appreciate that you were able to customize your tour to work within our timeframe. It goes without saying that you, Frank and Herman were excellent tour guides and hosts.

Your individual personal stories and connections to San Francisco Chinatown enhanced the overall experience. Your patience, attention to detail and the time you spent to insure that all aspects of our Chinatown experience were memorable also contributed to our success.

Shirley, we know you have an increasingly busy schedule and having you as part of our tour was the highlight of our day. We wish you the very best with your new television show and we look forward to watching you eat your way through the Chinatowns across the nation.

Best Regards,
Sharon Jones