Back row: Frank Jang, Dorothy Quock, Hank Quock, Emily Soo, Chuck Gee
Front row: Howard Teng, Wok Wiz, Lola Hom, Alberta Chinn
Not present: Herman Young, Tina Dong Pavao, Judy Wong
(photo credit: Frank Jung )


Back row: Tina Dong Pavao, Gimmy Park Li, Lola Hom, Frank Jang
Front row: Hank Quock, Dorothy Quock, Herman Young
Not pictured: Emily Soo
(photo credit: Frank Jung )

The Wok Wiz Team

We love to walk, talk, eat, and laugh with you!

  • Alberta Chinn: A former hairdresser and limousine driver, Alberta talks a good talk. When she is not doing tours, this friendly woman loves to travel and has many travel experiences. She knows the nooks and crannies of Chinatown, ask her for hints for shopping, where to get beef jerky, etc.
  • Tina Dong Pavao: Shirley’s daughter, Tina will gladly assist with booking a tour. This former 4th grade teacher now works with the tour leader team in operating Wok Wiz. Tina and her husband, Matthew keep busy raising young daughters Maggie and Stella and rooting on the San Francisco Giants.
  • Chuck Gee: Everybody Loves Chuck, our multi-talented tour leader with a super personality. Chuck was one of the great fashion designers for the dancers of the Forbidden City Nightclub in Chinatown’s early days, and worked for years in a major San Francisco hotel. Chuck is an engaging and entertaining storyteller.
  • Lola Hom: Born and raised in Chinatown, Lola was a member of the elite all-girls St. Mary's Drum & Bugle Corps. She performed for the 1961 JFK Inaugural Celebration in Washington, D.C. Pleasant and engaging, she was a flight attendant for the FLYING TIGERS and is an extensive traveler. Today, this brand new grandmother works for the United States Department of Education.
  • Frank Jang: Frank grew up above the Wo Chong Bean Sprout factory on Jackson St. in Chinatown, and still enjoys bean sprouts now and then. His family owns the Man-U Imports in San Mateo. Upon his recent retirement, Frank started his professional photography business. He is a great asset to the Chinese community, supporting countless fundraising events. Frank is currently the vice president of the Association of Chinese Cooking Teachers and has served on the Board of Directors for the Chinese Historical Society of America.
  • Gimmy Park Li: Gimmy is a veteran of nearly 40 years as a public affairs program host and producer at KNBR Radio, providing media access opportunities. She is active in local community issues, and served as a member of the Citizens Advisory Commission to the GGNRA (Golden Gate National Recreation Area). In addition to leading Wok Wiz tours, she volunteers with the Presidio Park Stewards of the National Park Service.
  • Dorothy Quock: Dorothy receives consistent rave reviews for her wonderful tours. Born in Chinatown, she has been on the Wok Wiz team since 1991. Dorothy graduated from the International Tour Management Institute. Dorothy spent a year in China for a year writing a tour guide’s book. She is very down-to-earth, caring, and fascinates visitors on her tours with stories about her life growing up here.
  • Hank Quock: Hank is the former president of the Association of Chinese Cooking Teachers, and is also a performer — ask him about that. Another great storyteller, Hank blends his love for Chinese food into the tours. During the week, he works for the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Emily Soo: Emily was born in Santa Rosa and now resides in the south bay. She spent many years in the hotel and restaurant industry, including "high tea" service at the Garden Court in the luxurious Palace Hotel. This lovely and gracious tour leader plays the piano and loves to sing. Her interests include going to the theatre and to musicals.
  • Judy Won: Judy is a 4th grade school teacher, and adds a youthful spirit to our team. She has a wonderful smile, welcoming all to our Chinatown. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Judy helps Wok Wiz out with the children’s programs, and gives weekend tours.
  • Herman Young: Herman is a very kind man who devotes a great deal of time working with youth. He is a varsity basketball coach for San Jose High Academy. In addition to being a full time realtor and Wok Wiz tour leader, on weekends he teaches basketball to kids, and organizes field and camping trips for boys and girls clubs.

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Tour Guide Reviews

Excellent view of the real Chinatown

Couple on a Date
The guides are fantastic and have lived in the area with wonderful stories about their lives and the people they knew. The tour gives a great human and historical perspective of the area. The meal is a very good blend of dim sum and other authentic Chinese foods. My husband and I are “foodies” and loved the lunch. Do not decide to just do the tour without the food. You will have a great chance to learn even more about this fantastic area of San Francisco both food and culture. Do it all. I am a History teacher and I totally recommend this tour for anyone who desires to know about the food, history, and culture of Chinatown. Most of us are on a limited time budget. DO NOT MISS THIS GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!! The price is worth it. It is one of the true San Francisco bargains.

Excellent inside look

Female 50-59
We enjoyed the walking tour of markets, temples, and all of Chinatown.Our guide gave us tips on places to visit after the tour, too, so we could make best use of our time in San Francisco. Lunch was delicious, we tasted things we had never tried before and portions were generous! We especially enjoyed all the little stories about her culture that our guide shared with us, everything form wedding traditions to a few language lessons!

Wonderful and Informative

Female 50-59
Shirley Fong-Torres presented this walking tour in a very personable, affable style. She imparted her culture and personal background as well as the general flavor of Chinatown in San Francisco. My travel partner and I thoroughly enjoyed every experience Shirley offered and were fascinated with pieces of history we had not known before. The lunch at a new Chinese restaurant was enjoyable and was all the more interesting because Shirley explained each dish. I will recommend this tour to all my friends and relatives.